Christian Education

Christian education is based upon the way, the truth and the life that Christ taught while He was on Earth. 

Central to a Christian education is the revelation about God and His creation given to us through the Word of God and the meta-narrative that it unfolds.

Christian education has been an important part of the work of believers since the time of Christ.

Our approach to Christian education is best understood by looking at what Jesus said is the greatest commandment – to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.

HEART - Our spiritual wellbeing

  • Learning about God and His invitation to become, and then live, as a child of God.
  • Our understanding of origin:- we were made by God for fellowship with Him as our father.

MIND - Our God-given ability to think and reason

  • Learning every day about the world God has made and reading and studying His Word to find out what He requires of each of us as we discover the meaning of life.
  • Our understanding of meaning:- life only has meaning as we refer to God's intention for life.

SOUL - Our relationship with others

  • Finding out about how to relate to others who are imperfect through kindness, forgiveness and understanding. We are to live at peace with others.
  • Our understanding of morality:- God's word is a moral compass for all decisions.

STRENGTH - Our own personal development

  • Finding our sense of God-given calling. We want to teach students to live every moment before God.
  • Our understanding of destiny:- to worship God around His throne.

Our Mission at TCC as we Deliver Christian Education

1. Be faithful to the Evangelical tradition

We will
• Teach that Christ is the only sacrifice for sin acceptable to God
• Honour the Scriptures as God’s word
• Give all high school a school Bible
• Offer to all students the opportunity to memorise scripture
• Acknowledge God as the creator of all things
• Centre our life together around our worship of God

2. Celebrate the grace and truth offered to us through Christ

We will
• base our behaviour management on the scriptural principles of repentance, forgiveness and restoration
• Encourage all students to be kind, tender-hearted and forgiving of each other
• Provide a safe and accepting environment for all
• Encourage all students to take responsibility for their actions
• Act as a Christian community that provide safety, acceptance and a sense of Shalom.

3. Engender a love to learn about the world God has made.

We will
• Encourage students to ask questions
• Help students see the importance of reading so that they can understand God’s word
• Explore the diversity and complexity of what God has made and see how to use our talents to help our fellow man
• Teach students God’s metanarrative story

4. Work with students to find their place of service in the Kingdom of God

We will
• Encourage students to seek the common good
• Uphold the virtue of service of others
• Help students explore pathways and options for their future after school
• Give students opportunities of work experience
• Encourage them to be part of something bigger than themselves
• Encourage them to be connected to a Christian community

5. Emphasise the importance of character development

We will
• Encourage all students to become outstanding students
• Teach the importance of obedience, respect, faithfulness and humility
• Help students develop self control