The School Board has set the future direction for TCC which will include the school staying a three stream secondary and two stream primary school for the foreseeable future. This equates to a maximum school population of around 800 students.

The school has set itself the goal of being a Christian School in the Liberal Arts Tradition. The school will continue to explore what it means for each student to be made in the image of God (imago Dei), what is truth, beauty and goodness, and what does it take to establish and maintain a good society. 

The focus of the school will be to help staff and parents appreciate the direction the school is going.

The Liberal Arts tradition will also celebrate the ‘best that has been written or said’ and will focus on mastery of key components of education – literacy and numeracy. It will also encourage staff to develop themselves as learners.

The school will continue to deliver education in a God-centred way, where the students learn about His story and the establishing of His Kingdom when Christ travelled the roads of Galilee teaching His disciples the truths of the kingdom.

The school will complete a masterplanning process during 2021 to consider the future development of the site. We expect that this process will determine what facilities still need to be built over the next ten years to accomplish our mission.

The school is committed to finding ways to assist students to become better learners and followers of the One who loves them and gave Himself for them.