Toowoomba Christian College began in 1979 in Bowen Street Toowoomba, with an enrolment of 17 students under the name of Toowoomba Christian Academy. Mrs Winsome Rusterholtz was the school’s first Principal. The school, like many other new Christian schools in Australia at the time, used the American ACE program as the basis for its teaching.

Because of the ACE system, the school was able to offer both primary and secondary education to its students right from the start. Our school has always had these two sections of a school and has benefited from the leadership of senior students from its early days. In 1981, Toowoomba Christian Academy moved to its current site in Highfields after 30 acres was purchased.

In 1988 the school changed its name from Toowoomba Christian Academy to Toowoomba Christian College in recognition that it was now the blend of 4 schools with Mountains Christian Academy, Wahroonga Christian Academy (both from NSW) and Kingsway Christian Academy (from WA) closing and joining with Toowoomba Christian Academy to form one new school on the same premises as the old TCA. A new building was erected to cater for this growth.

In 1991 TCC stopped using ACE as the basis of its educational program and set its course to be parallel to the State requirements but not under and hence has been outside of the OP system. The school has maintained this position of being outside of the OP system.

In 1992 Richard Brown was appointed Principal. There were 137 students in the school from Year 1 to Year 12 at that time. The school gradually started to grow reaching 200 students by 2001.

In 2007 Prep began at TCC. 

In 2009 the school purchased 5 acres when the farmland next door was developed into Cook Court. This land was used to provide the playing fields down the back of the property.

In 2010 the Indoor Sports Centre was added followed by the Trade Training Centre in 2011. Also in 2011, the decision was made to double stream the primary school. Student numbers by 2011 were 500.

In 2012 another 5 acres was purchased for our car park.

In 2013 the school built the Under Cover Area and 4 primary classroom block.

In 2014 the school was given money by the State Government from its Flying Start program to build extra classrooms in readiness for Year 7 moving to high school in 2015.

Now the school is well established in its facilities and grounds.  Have a look at it from the air!