TCC Year 12 Certificate

TCC has developed its own certificate for the following reasons:

Curriculum freedom

  • The school values the opportunity we have to offer Christian education to our students in all our subjects.

Flexibility of delivery

  • The school values the opportunity we have to offer a variety of educational experiences to our senior students rather than a single focus on an OP score.

OP's are not the only pathway for tertiary studies

  • There are a number of paths for people to enter tertiary study other than gaining an OP.

Benefits of Having our own Certificate Include:

1 - Students at TCC do not need to feel the pressure of choosing a defined pathway (university or non-university) at the end of Year Ten. Our students are able to choose individualised learning pathways that may include one or more of the following, without disqualifying themselves from entrance into a Queensland university:

  • Accelerated University Study
  • School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • TAFE Queensland South West Courses
  • University of Gatton Vocational Education and Training
  • Brisbane School of Distance Education Subjects
  • Australian Music Examinations Board Subjects
  • Another externally delivered elective

2 - Our model makes it easier for students to be able to engage in Work Experience at any time throughout Years Ten, Eleven and Twelve, rather than specifying a set week.


3 - While we follow ACARA and/or QCAA guidelines for subjects that have the same name as those in other schools (for example: Mathematics B), we are also able to introduce other Senior subjects (for example: Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation)

  • Please note, in placing your student into Senior at TCC, you are committing to a two-year course that gives your student a unique and alternate pathway to university. Because of this, it is difficult to transfer into another school during Year Eleven and Twelve and meet their conditions for university eligibility.


All TCC students’ Year Twelve Certificates will show details of their Senior Secondary studies.


All TCC students’ Year Twelve Certificates will show their Weighed Grade Point Average (GPA), which is a number between 1 and 7.