A Christian School in the Liberal Arts Tradition

Our desire at TCC is to form young people of Godly wisdom and character. We are a Christian School in the Liberal Arts Tradition, because we believe it is the best way to achieve this purpose. Some of the distinctives of a Liberal Arts education include:

  • An intentional approach to meet students where they are in their Learning Journey, such as a play-based approach to Prep, and a focus on deep thinking and analysis in Year Twelve.
  • A love of reading great Literature, from Peter Rabbit in Prep to Homer’s Odyssey in Year Five, to The Abolition of Man in Senior Secondary.
  • A purposeful focus on teaching the story of History, desiring to help students understand themselves and their place in the world, and in time.
  • Encouraging the big questions. Our graduates will have grappled with what it means to be human, what is the nature of truth, and what is humanity’s ultimate purpose.
  • A love of and desire to understand Truth, Beauty and Goodness, which is woven into all our discussions and lessons.

Above all, though, we are a Christian School in the Liberal Arts Tradition. This means that our study of this time-tested approach to education has led to developing an approach designed to form young men and women with Godly wisdom and character, who understand themselves, their world and their God, His plan for salvation, and who have a desire to serve the living God in today’s world.