Conditions of Enrolment

Toowoomba Christian College provides a distinctively Christian education. It is expected therefore, that parents and guardians who ask to enrol their children in the school be fully supportive of the aims, mission statement, practices and discipline policy of the school.

The Principal of Toowoomba Christian College will enrol a student if:

  • He is of the opinion that the enrolling parent/s (or guardian/s) and the student will fully support the school's Christian education as set out in the school's mission statement, aims, practices and discipline policy, and;
  • There is room in the relevant class.

The Principal may rescind the offer of enrolment if:

  • The Principal discovers that false or misleading information has been presented to the school during the enrolment process, or
  • The Principal is of the opinion that the student or parents are no longer supporting the school’s Christian education as set out in the school’s mission statement, aims, practices and discipline policy.

Each enrolment is at the discretion of the Principal.

Enrolment at Toowoomba Christian College is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • That the parents/caregivers will support the principles and expectations of our offering of Christian education as outlined in the School Standards and other documents on the school website.
  • That the student will be allowed to participate fully in the life and program of the school.
  • That the student will adhere to the school’s uniform policy.
  • That the parents/caregivers will meet their monthly financial obligations to the school regarding fees.
  • That the parents/caregivers and the student support the school’s policies, philosophy and practice.
  • That the parents/caregivers and the student will abide by the school’s Social Media policy.
  • That the parents/caregivers support the school’s Discipline Policy.
  • That the parents/caregivers endorse the outworking of the school’s Mission Statement in the education of their student.
  • That the parents/caregivers keep the school up to date with information that may affect the student’s learning and/or behaviour.
  • If during the course of your child’s education we request that you seek independent assessment of your child’s learning or physical abilities, or any other matter that may affect the school’s delivery of education, you agree to seek such assessment within a reasonable timeframe.
  • That the school may suspend a student at its discretion.
  • That the school reserves the right to withdraw an enrolment when the parent or caregiver is involved in serious or persistent misconduct in relation to a student, a member of staff, another parent or to the reputation of the school.
  • We may terminate this enrolment if:
    - You are in breach of these conditions and you fail to remedy the breach within a reasonable time after notice from us requiring you to do so;
    - Mutual trust and co-operation between us breaks down;
    - We decide at the end of the school year that we do not wish to continue the contract for the following school year for any reason.
  • That the school may place specific conditions at any time on an enrolment including a period of probation.


Important Information Concerning Student Departures

As part of the conditions of a child’s enrolment at TCC, one term’s notice of withdrawing a student is required in writing. The School reserves the right to invoice parents/carers for fees in lieu of notice.

All resources (ie Library books, Laptop, Textbooks, ID Card, Locker Key etc) on loan from the School must be returned or parents/carers will be required to pay the replacement cost for these.

As part of the process of withdrawing a student from TCC, parents/carers will meet with the Head of Primary/Head of Secondary. The Principal may also request a short meeting to say Farewell.

Parents/Carers must make arrangements to pay any outstanding school fees in full by the date of their child’s departure. If unable to make full payment, parents/carers must arrange to meet with the Accounts Officer to discuss a repayment plan.


School Standards

Toowoomba Christian College offers to parents a Christian education for their children based on the following principles:

  • An education based on the school’s Mission Statement.
  • Christian staff.
  • A high academic standard that seeks to extend students.
  • A high standard in dress, language, behaviour and manners.
  • An upright moral environment based upon love and judgement.
  • The rights of every child to be safe, accepted and have a fresh start.
  • Willingness of the student to comply with the school’s expectations and to be accountable for their actions.
  • A loving but firm discipline.
  • The truth that God is Sovereign, the Creator of everything.
  • The presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
  • An evangelical interpretation of the Bible.
  • A Year 12 alternative credential to the OP/ATAR currently offered by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).
  • A school that seeks to be innovative and responsive to new opportunities.
  • Parental support for the Christian culture and ethos of the school.

For more detail, please contact the school.


Change in Family Circumstances

When the enrolling parents/caregivers have a change in their circumstances, e.g. they separate or want to change their financial arrangements regarding the payment of school fees, and a disagreement arises that affects the student’s ongoing enrolment, it is the responsibility of the enrolling parties to reach agreement independently from the school either through consultation or court action. The school will not become involved as the arbiter in disputes of this kind.

The school may put in writing a 3-month limit on the determination of the disagreement with the possible consequence of termination of the enrolment if the matter is not resolved.


Parent/Caregiver Disagreement

When one of the parents or caregivers notifies the school that they do not support the enrolment of their child in the school, the enrolment will not proceed until there is agreement between the parents or caregivers that is expressed by signatures on this application showing their support for the enrolment.


Change in Enrolment Conditions

The College reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time. If such a change is made, then this change is binding once the school community have been given notice of the change in the School News or on the school’s website. The College does not need to notify you of any changes made to the rules, regulations and policies of the College for them to be binding.


When Court Orders are in Place

If there are Court Orders in place or if there is a Parenting Plan (signed by both parents) (Orders), Toowoomba Christian College will comply with the terms of the Orders. If the Orders specifically state who has the right to decide where the child attends school, the school will accept for enrolment purposes the signature of the parent who has the right to make the decision. If the Orders state that both parents must agree before enrolling the child in school, then both parents will be required to sign the enrolment form. If the Orders are silent on whether both parents need to agree, but include that the parents have “joint parental responsibility for major long term issues”, then both parents should consult with each other and make a genuine effort to come to a joint decision about the enrolment. Please note it is not the school’s responsibility to facilitate a dispute, nor interpret family court orders when parents or caregivers disagree about matters pertaining to their child’s education.


When a parent states they are the only caregiver

When a parent arranges an enrolment interview and expresses in person that they are the sole carer of a child or that there is no orders in place, the school will take this statement in good faith and will process the application in light of that statement.


Full and Frank Disclosure

Please Note: Full and frank disclosure is required. Any failure to do so may negate the initial or ongoing enrolment of your student at the College. The obligation to supply information to the school that may affect your student’s enrolment at the College is ongoing.