The school has a wonderful training facility for students in hospitality, commercial cooking and baking. 

The facility was mostly funded under the programme initiated by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called Trade Training Centres in Schools Program. The Federal Government funded up to $1.5m to a school who could forward a case for a facility for training high school students in a vocational area.

Our application was successful and the $2.1m project was officially opened in October 2012. The assistance from the Australian Government was $1.5m.

Since its opening there have been numerous functions held in the building including 7 wedding receptions so far.

The school is very grateful for the funding that has made this facility possible.

The school is very keen to develop the skills of students in the hospitality area as the Scriptures encourage us to be hospitable.

“Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality” Rom 12:13