From the Careers Officer

Welcome to Toowoomba Christian College’s Careers Room.

In keeping with the Christian view of life we consider each student has unique gifts, talents and abilities given by God for His Glory.

Work has changed greatly in recent decades and is expected to continue into the future. Some traditional occupations have disappeared and numerous new occupations have become firmly established in the workplace. As well the opportunities to develop career pathways have changed significantly. The need to engage in life-long learning, acquire transferable skills, and to adapt to a changing workplace has become paramount in becoming employable in today’s workplace.

My role as Careers Advisor is to compliment the efforts of families, the church, and the wider community in inspiring students to persistently pursue God’s calling and to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours related to learning and work, enabling them to make their career their vocation. 

Mr Glyn Reinbott
Careers Officer

Inspiring students to persistently pursue God’s calling