Years 9 & 10 Business seeks to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values that form the foundation on which young people make sound decisions about consumer, financial, economic, business, legal, political and employment issues. The subject includes Australian Curriculum content and student learning outcomes for Economics and Business, and Civics and Citizenship.


Central to the course is the development of a biblical worldview of the relationships between consumers, businesses and governments in the overall economy. In this subject, students have an opportunity to (1) cultivate a biblical worldview that promotes stewardship, ethical behavior and legal and social responsibilities, and (2) develop a commitment to contribute to a more just and equitable society in God-honouring ways.


The Senior Business Studies course seeks to enable students to explore exciting and challenging career opportunities in the business sector. It also focuses on equipping students with practical and relevant knowledge, understanding and skills to help them grow into mature Christians who manage their household well and are known in the workplace as kind employers, trustworthy employees and ethical investors.

There are two interwoven parts of the course:

  • Business Practices: consisting of business fundamentals, financial literacy, business communication and business technology
  • Business Functions: consisting of working in administration, in finance, with customers and in marketing.

The Business Studies course has been designed to integrate business practices into each of the four business functions. This is to ensure the practical and essential concepts, ideas and skills which students need to be able to work effectively in business are taught in relevant, purposeful and meaningful ways.

The learning activities are based on recent case studies, financial statements, business profiles and media articles from a wide range of industries such as retail, financial services, electronics, sports, events and tourism. This is to enable students to: identify contemporary businesses’ key challenges and ethical issues, make judgements about the performance of businesses, and propose effective strategies for businesses to achieve best practice and maximise profit.