Design and Technology

The Year Seven Design and Technology course is designed to further develop in students the skills and knowledge required to engage productively within society, appreciating and valuing well designed products and using materials prudently in a sustainable way to the benefit of others. They will be introduced to both traditional and modern materials and methods of working in order to make their designed item.

Students will develop skills in representing objects with both manual and digital drawing systems, including 3D computer modelling, and animating. Design principles will be emphasised. Students also explore a range of decisions impacting their design so that it is both functional and able to be made. Once a design is complete, students will endeavour to manufacture their project in the workshop. This includes safe machine and hand tool operation, forming and joining materials, and using products to give artefacts an appealing finish.

God equips us with gifts and skills to achieve His purposes. He demonstrated perfect design for us in the world and universe he has prepared. He also has given us the ability to appreciate beauty and to be creative ourselves. Studies in Design and Technology ultimately helps us to appreciate Him, and to make the world in which we live and work a better place as we share wise and good designs to better the lives of others and to become good stewards of the resources he has provided.