Life and Learning Skills

The Year Seven subject of Life and Learning Skills is designed with an Introduction to High School rationale in mind.

It equips students with basic organisational skills and builds upon these throughout the year. Students participate in activities designed to help them understand and choose their attitude towards schooling, life and each other. As the Year Seven cohort is made up of some students who know each other really well, and others who do not know each other, this is important and the foundation of a good attitude is expanded upon through teamwork exercises.

One fear students have upon entering high school is the amount of homework and/or assignments and, of course, the new concept of a High School Assessment Week. In this subject, students are prepared to handle the increase in academic load through goal setting, an appreciation of ‘growth mindset’ and learning how to memorise information.

Students’ eyes are opened to their own unique personality and how they fit into a tapestry of diverse personalities and dispositions. This enables them to feel more empowered in their own skin and this overflows into their own learning and study styles, too.

Students learn about various elements of their wellbeing, including digital wellbeing, and contemplate their habits in this and other areas.

A core element of this subject is learning about and developing competence in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) skills. These are becoming increasingly important life skills, as well as desirable attributes in an employee. Being a competent user of their own personal laptop will positively impact their proficiency in all other subjects.

The units covered in Life and Learning Skills include: basic computer operations, touch typing, word processing, spreadsheets and databases. Online safety is not overlooked in this subject and the concept of being safe online is covered at various times and in-depth in Term Four.