The Learning Support Program in the Primary School is dedicated to supporting students with learning difficulties and/or learning disabilities on their academic journey. The objective of this program is to assist students in gaining a better grasp and understanding of their academic studies and capabilities. The Learning Support focus is on Literacy and more specifically Reading and Phonics. The intention is for the Learning Support teacher and teacher aides to communicate collaboratively with classroom teachers when delivering this program, so that the best possible learning environment and teaching practices for these students is provided. The goal is to see the identified students increase in skill, which in turn will see an increase in confidence to produce tasks of a quality level. We want students to understand that learning is a process and not a product.

The Primary Learning Support takes place in a variety of ways and students who attend Learning Support classes are reassessed and readdressed regularly. Once a student is identified however, a letter is then sent to the parents or carers for their approval. Parents are also informed when their student is no longer requiring learning support. Students’ progress in Learning Support is documented and communicated to parents or carers in a separate report.

Through the school, students in Years 1 - 6 are able to access internet-based programs such as Mathletics and Spelling City, while Prep to Year 2 students are able to access the Reading Eggs and Math Seeds program. These programs are like a 24 hour tutor where students can access them from home with the purpose of developing their Maths and Spelling skills.