The Learning Support Program in the High School is dedicated to supporting those students with learning difficulties and/or learning disabilities on their academic journey. A significant part of the Learning Support Program is through the elective subject Learning Assistance. Learning Assistance is designed for students in Years Seven through to Year Ten who need additional time and assistance during school hours to help them towards their goal of achieving passing grades, particularly in the core subjects of English and Mathematics.

During the allocated Learning Assistance periods, students spend one 40-minute period working with the Learning Assistance teacher to further develop their academic skills. The remaining time is spent with the Learning Assistance teacher assisting students with a current homework and/or assessment task. Students’ enrolment in Learning Assistance is not recorded on their Interim or Semester Report; their progress in this subject is documented and communicated to parents/carers in a separate report.

Throughout this subject students will be challenged about their attitude towards writing and studying effectively. They need to realise that their attitude and willingness to ‘try despite the challenges’ plays such a significant role in not only their overall subject results but also their academic journey. It is the student’s responsibility to take on the challenge that is before them, knowing that even though they may struggle with writing and studying, taking the time to do it well will never be a waste of time.

Tuesday Help is another program offered at TCC. This program runs after school on Tuesdays where students can book-in additional one-on-one time with teachers for further support and guidance as needed.