Our Curriculum

In regard to curriculum, Toowoomba Christian College uses the Australian Curriculum as its base document. From that extensive document the school develops its own work programs from which the teachers develop their plans for the year.

The school chooses subjects that it believes it can deliver through staff who have a passion and a knowledge in the area they have been asked to teach.

The school believes that learning must be done in a context and for a reason. The context is that we want our students to be equipped Australian citizens who desire to work for the common good.

Our context is that God is outworking his masterful plan in the earth today and everyone has the invitation to take their place in His story and play the part He has given to them. So in that sense our curriculum is not student-centred or technology-driven as though these new fads will produce quality citizens for the future. It is God-centred and seeking to teach students how the shalom of God can be found for themselves, for their work and for society.

We believe that the citizens that a society needs are the ones who will contribute as Christ has called them and equipped them to be with the motive to love their neighbor and honour God in all they do.

We seek to help students discover the truth, beauty and goodness that God has given for the way a society should work as it seeks justice, freedom and equality for everyone.