Externally Delivered Electives

Students in Years 11 and 12 (and, in some cases, in Years 9 and 10) have the opportunity to engage in one or more Externally Delivered Electives (EDEs).

The College's Careers Officer coordinates students' enrolments in these electives.

To constitute part of a student's Senior Learning Pathway, enrolment in an EDE must be approved by the school. Once the enrolment has been approved and confirmed, students are able to replace one of their school-based electives with study periods for the duration of their externally delivered elective.

Parents and carers of students who wish to enrol in EDEs will also need to read the College's Externally Delivered Electives Policy and complete the College's Externally Delivered Electives Parent and Student Agreement.

The responsibility for all associated tuition, equipment and transport fees lies with parents and carers.

Students are strongly encouraged to consider their answers to the following questions before seeking enrolment into an EDE:

  • Does the elective contradict my possible post-school career pathway(s)?
  • Am I disciplined and motivated enough to handle the work the subject will require of me? Do my teachers see these traits on display now?
  • Am I currently responsible enough to handle the issues associated with enrolling in an EDE, such as meeting another institution's requirements, possibly not knowing any other student in the class and how will I catch up on work missed while I am absent from school?
  • If the elective requires that I attend classes off-campus, will I be able to organise the required transport every week?