Accelerated University Study

For Senior High students considering studying at university after they graduate from Year 12, commencing university study while still at school can be a fantastic opportunity. The College currently has avenues to enrol students into four Queensland universities offering students the opportunity to commence university study while still at school.

Please note that a minimum B-average entry requirement applies and subjects run for one semester although, in most cases, students can elect to study additional subjects in subsequent semesters.

For information on Central Queensland University subjects, please visit Central Queensland University's Start Uni Now website.

For information on Christian Heritage College's LAUNCH program, please visit Christian Heritage College's website.

For information on University of Queensland subjects, please visit the University of Queensland's Enhanced Studies Program.

Since 2005, students of Toowoomba Christian College have enrolled in university courses while still at school. In this time, 152 of our students have engaged in 176 university courses.

The University of Southern Queensland's Head Start Program is the most popular choice for our students.
The advantages of completing a USQ Head Start subject include:

  • The first subject studied through the Head Start Program is tuition-fee free. The only financial cost to students is transport and textbooks.
  • Students are able to get a taste for both university life and the field of study which they are considering pursuing. While many of the units are available externally, USQ's location in Toowoomba makes it ideal for students to study on-campus.
  • Successfully completing a USQ Head Start course provides many advantages including entry into a related USQ Degree, provided that all entry requirements for the degree are met. These may include subject pre-requisites, etc. Applicants should note that subjects do not always provide ‘guaranteed entry’ as some degree courses require additional entry requirements such as auditions or other program specific requirements. Students will need to apply through QTAC to utilise the guaranteed entry.
  • To gain entry to the Head Start Program, students must have a B average on their latest Semester Report Card. USQ recommends that Head Start students allocate 10 hours per week of study time to their subject.

Please see the USQ Head Start Program webpage for subjects currently on offer.

Current parents and students are asked to make an appointment to meet with the College's Careers Officer, Mr Glyn Reinbott to discuss your enrolment.