The school sees parents as the primary carer for each student and, hence, wants to support that role with clear and accurate information. The school believes in a strong and supportive partnership between home and school.

Much takes place in the life of a school and we want to be able to communicate that important information to you.

The school sends out a weekly newsletter to each family that outlines what has been happening in the school. We expect each parent to read the relevant sections of that newsletter and be up to date with the events in the lives of the children.

Important information about policies, upcoming events and excursions are all contained in this newsletter and it is vital that parents are aware of and abide by the protocols of the school.

Each teacher’s email address is made known to parents so that they can pass on relevant information about a student’s academic performance. We encourage parents to contact staff this way.

Parent teacher interviews and information nights are also held each year and parents are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions to further support the link between school and home in the education of their child.

When issues of a more personal note to do with a child e.g. a medical issue, or a challenging life experience is taking place, we encourage parents to contact the right person in the school with that information. If in doubt as to who to talk to, then please contact the Enrolments Officer who will be more than willing to guide you to the right person.

The school believes in a strong and supportive partnership between home and school