TCC believes very much in the partnership between home and school. We believe that children are God’s gifts to parents and, as such, parents are primarily responsible for their children’s welfare, education and development.

We also believe that, as people gifted by God to teach, that teachers have a vital and supportive role to play in the development of each child’s understanding of the world God has created.

We want to have good, clear and frequent communication with home about how each child is responding and growing at school.

We believe the spiritual, academic, relational and personal development of each child is part of our calling as Christian educators and we want to be able to pass onto parents what we have noticed about their children as they respond in the four key areas of their heart, mind, soul and strength.

We also believe that God’s instruction to every person to honour their mother and father is foundational for the wellbeing of every child and we will seek to instill this sense of appreciation in every student.