Spiritual Life

We live in world that accesses information on demand within seconds of wondering. Search engines make the deductions that contemplation once did. Anyone can publish an opinion for a public audience, well-reasoned or not, and call it ‘truth’. As Christians, we believe that all truth comes from God. We believe that students need God’s truth to nourish their minds, bodies, souls and spirits. Through knowing God they can know themselves, know each other, know what is good and what is just. We are committed to providing opportunities within the life of the College for God’s truth to be declared and discovered, contemplated and meditated, helping students in their spiritual development throughout their Secondary School years.

Christian Studies is a core subject from Years Seven to Twelve and integrally supports the development and nurturing of students' faith. Our teachers seek to create a classroom environment in which students learn to explore Scripture, ask questions, and develop a Biblical worldview all whilst encountering the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ within the Grand Narrative that our Great Author is writing into eternity. Students are given the daily opportunity through Christian Studies classes to grow in their faith and their expression of that faith.

Other opportunities that aim to foster students’ spiritual life are available for students, individually and collectively. Weekly Chapel invites all Secondary students to gather in worship to hear Scriptural messages of hope, to serve their school community and to connect with God and each other. Form groups connect students with a key member of staff for support, guidance and prayer. One-on-one pastoral care support is available for all students at all stages of spiritual development through the College Counsellor.

Secondary School camps and Year Level events provide a time of retreat, activity, enjoyment and chance to connect with God more deeply through reflection and life experiences. Students are welcome to join Christian Discipleship and Prayer groups as they are offered throughout the year to help them grow further in their understanding of truth, God and how they can live a life of honour in today’s world. Finally, service opportunities exist both within the curriculum and extra-curricular to reflect the teaching of our Lord Jesus that we are to love one another.