Biology is the study of life and living things. The Biology course offered at Toowoomba Christian College presents life as created by God and gives students an opportunity to gain an appreciation of His created order.


Throughout the course, implementing the four units of QCAA 2019 Biology General Senior Syllabus, students will be required to study the structure of living organisms and their relationship with both other living and non-living components of their environment. Students will also explore, through onsite and offsite, short-term and extended practical investigations, a variety of biological concepts and processes. A dedication to commit factual details to memory and a willingness to engage in creative and critical scientific inquiry and thinking are therefore important characteristics for Biology students to possess.


Students achieving a minimum of a C in Year 10 Science will have the prerequisite knowledge for Biology in Senior High.


Biology is beneficial for students considering careers including nursing, dietician, beautician, botanist, biochemist, agriculturalist, bacteriologist, laboratory worker, marine biologist, dentist and biological researcher.


Biology runs on a two-year cycle with a combined class of Year 11 and Year 12 students, with an alternating order of units.