The Junior Business course offered at Toowoomba Christian College seeks to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values that form the foundation on which young people make sound decisions about consumer, financial, economic, business, legal, political and employment issues.


The subject includes Australian Curriculum content and student learning outcomes for Economics and Business, and Civics and Citizenship.


Central to the course is the development of a biblical worldview of the relationships between consumers, businesses and governments in the overall economy. In this subject, students have an opportunity to (1) cultivate a biblical worldview that promotes stewardship, ethical behavior and legal and social responsibilities, and (2) develop a commitment to contribute to a more just and equitable society in God-honouring ways.


Students assess consumer, financial, economic, business, legal, political and employment information using ICT-based research and communication skills. Through the investigation of contemporary issues, students work independently and collaboratively to meet individual and collective goals. They also develop a better understanding of God’s Word, knowledge of civics and skills for citizenship, and recognise the importance of being a Christ-centred, informed, responsible and active citizen.


Business can establish a foundation for Senior subjects such as Business Studies and Legal Studies, and employment in office administration, retail and hospitality.