Year Seven Enterprise introduces students to the world of entrepreneurial behaviours, economics and business. They will investigate and experience developing a product or service to meet a particular need. They will also explore what it means to be a consumer, a worker and a producer in the market and the relationships between these groups.

This subject will have students also developing basic practical skills in the areas of food, basic methods of cookery, hygiene procedures, costing a product, point of sale techniques, food packaging, food storage and working as part of a team.

God has created Man and has supplied him with all that he needs to sustain himself. The world is full of variety in the means by which man can provide for his food needs. We have free will in how we maintain ourselves and bad choices can bring about long term consequences. In studying Enterprise, students are assisted in understanding how to make wise choices that will sustain the life that God has given to each of us. Students are also challenged through a study of business to see that God’s call to be people of integrity is the key to conducting a successful business.