The study of History is a disciplined inquiry into the past that develops students’ curiosity and imagination. It provides understanding of events, processes and issues that have shaped humanity from the earliest times. It enriches our appreciation of change and continuity. In this way, the study of History enables students to contribute more effectively to creating the future.

History, as a discipline, has its own methods and procedures that make it different from other ways of understanding human experience. Historical study is based on interpreting the evidence of the remains of the past. It is interpretative by nature, promotes debate and encourages thinking about human values, including past, present and future challenges. It develops transferable skills associated with the process of historical inquiry, including the ability to ask relevant questions, analyse and interpret sources, consider context, recognise and explain different perspectives, develop and substantiate interpretations, and communicate effectively.

The Senior High History course offered at Toowoomba Christian College seeks to enable students to view History from a Biblical worldview and to instil in students a desire to learn from the past and to use this as the basis for wiser choices in the future. The Modern History units emphasise world history and aims at equipping students for the world in which they will live. These units contribute to an understanding of past and present aspirations, predicaments, achievements and failures.  This would include challenging non-Biblical perspectives of human history and using the Bible as a valid historical source.

A good background in History is beneficial for a range of professions including lawyer, economist, diplomat, historian, archaeologist, librarian, educator, civil engineer, military officer, journalist, computer programmer, travel guide and many other professional positions.

Senior High History runs on a 2-year cycle with a combined class of Year Eleven and Year Twelve students.