Junior Catering

Year Eight Junior Catering is designed to introduce students to food, its uses, its nutritional value, methods of cookery, hygiene procedures, food storage, kitchen safety and team skills. All areas are covered briefly and at an introductory level, however this is the basis for further study in catering techniques and food preparation.

In Junior Catering, students will begin to increase responsibility for their own growth and development.

God has created Man and has supplied him with all that he needs to sustain himself. The world is full of variety in the means by which man can provide for his food needs. We have free will in how we maintain ourselves and bad choices can bring about long term consequences. Junior Catering seeks to assist students to understand how to make wise choices that will sustain the life that God has given to each of us.

Years Nine and Ten Junior Catering seeks to promote a well-rounded understanding of health and nutrition, as well as develop students’ cooking skills in the commercial kitchen. It is anticipated that students will gain a basic understanding of cooking processes used with different type of foods.

These substances also have medicinal value to enable mankind to maintain or improve their health. God has designed our bodies so intricately that the smell or taste of small morsels of highly flavoured foods is able to cause digestive juices to flow and aid in our bodies’ absorption and utilisation of nutrients. Many foods have spiritual significance and are referred to in the Bible to teach parallel principles, such as flavouring through salt or sustenance through bread.