Kitchen Operations

Senior High Kitchen Operations is one of three food production and/or service subjects offered to Year 11 and Year 12 students in conjunction with the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE. Students enrolled in this course will be working towards a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations SIT20416.

Certificate II in Kitchen Operations SIT20416 is suggested for students who wish to undertake training within a general Kitchen Operations context. Students who gain this qualification are able to perform roles such as:

  • Preparing breakfast items
  • Preparing a range of fast food items
  • Preparing sandwiches
  • Preparing appetisers and salads
  • Preparing hot and cold desserts

Kitchen Operations students will be required to participate in after-hours activities. To gain the full certificate they must complete twelve service periods during the two year cycle. Students are encouraged to adopt a service attitude through participation in a range of hospitality events.

Assessment in Senior High Kitchen Operations is competency-based. Students’ assessment in Kitchen Operations, therefore, will not count towards their Grade-Point Average.

Senior High Kitchen Operations runs on a 2-year cycle with a combined class of Year 11 and Year 12 students.