Liberal Arts

This course is delivered in partnership with The Millis Institute at Christian Heritage College. Over the four semesters of Liberal Arts, students will study four units of university level content in the Liberal Arts, with specific focus on Literature and Philosophy.


The Liberal Arts derive their names from the approach to education taken in Ancient Greece, in which the instruction of grammar, logic and rhetoric in the fields of literature, history, theology and philosophy, through the approach of Socratic Dialogue, was provided to young scholars in the understanding that these were the kinds of skills and knowledge which ‘liberated’ a young mind. Rather than teaching some set skills which narrow an individual to be capable of one particular occupation, the Liberal Arts are designed to give students the ability to think, reason and communicate, and thus allow them to continue learning throughout their lives, equipping them to grow and flourish in whatever variety of occupations in which they may find themselves.


For this reason, studying the Liberal Arts is for everyone, people interested in all occupations. As Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, famously said:

“It's in Apple's DNA that technology alone is not enough. It's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.”

Understanding where we came from (history), how to think (philosophy), who we are (literature), and why we are (theology) is an integral part of preparation for future success, not only in one’s occupation, but in all of life.


These units will be taught, assessed and graded according to the specifications of Christian Heritage College, and the content, teaching and assessment will be moderated by their faculty. Upon successful completion of any individual semester, students will be granted exemption from the correlating course if they enrol at the Millis Institute at CHC. This subject, therefore, operates like a form of Accelerated University Study.