Physical Education

Years Seven and Eight Physical Education aims to provide students with the knowledge they need to live a healthy active lifestyle. The units are designed to challenge the students about lifestyle choices that effect their physical, mental and spiritual well-being by getting them involved in beneficial activities.

Students in Year Seven and Eight have the opportunity to learn about the Australian Sporting Culture and the history behind some of the games we play today. Students develop new skills through performing drills, taking part in modified games, and learning the history and rules behind each game. Students also develop important relational skill through teamwork and problem solving in an outdoor setting.

Students are challenged to develop good character through games that challenge their honesty, integrity, loyalty, determination, courage and perseverance as well as being fun. Students are taught Christian values through these games which enables them to form a close, real relationship with our Creator. Students analyse their performance after each session identifying areas of strength and areas that need improvement in their spiritual, mental and physical performance.

Years Nine and Ten Physical Education seeks to develop in students the understanding and skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle: one which looks after our body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, and brings God glory in doing so. By helping students to learn more about how their body works and factors that affect athletic performance, it assists students who have a keen interest in sport to improve their physical fitness and sporting performance, both individually and in a team setting.

Year Nine and Ten Physical Education includes both practical and theoretical components. Students must be prepared to regularly invest time outside of class improving their fitness and game skills for practical assessments. Other homework tasks include the completion of research assignments and revision for tests.

Students looking at choosing Physical Education should have a love of sport and an interest in general health.

Years Eleven and Twelve - Sport and Recreation

The focus of Senior High Sport and Recreation is the development of students’ physical skills in a range of activities. Underpinning this is the corresponding development of students’ understanding of associated theoretical topics. Students explore the notion that your body is God’s property and that He wants people to be physically healthy in order to accomplish great things for His Kingdom. Students are challenged to make the connection between physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.

Senior High Sport and Recreation students must be prepared to be physically challenged during practical lessons, and to regularly invest time outside of class improving their skills for practical assessments and completing theory tasks and assessments.

This course also seeks to encourage students to develop a wide understanding and appreciation of how sport and recreation have become an integral part of Australian life and culture. Students will learn how they can play a positive role in seeing people of all ages in today’s society benefit from the richness and diversity of our recreational heritage, and be able to enter the lifestyle debate in a proactive manner.