Pastoral Care

The school’s mission is to help each student understand the great depths of the love and grace that God has for them and His invitation to each of them to become part of His marvelous story of redemption.

We understand that there are many different messages that students encounter both from within and from without that can crowd out God’s message and hence we work hard to provide frequent reminders of what God is like and how He is so willing to be their Shepherd and care for them.

The school seeks to assist the School community by providing pastoral care and general spiritual, social and emotional comfort to any student.

The school has a number of levels of pastoral care which are overseen by the Directors of Student Care for both primary and secondary students.

The School Chaplains and Counsellor are available to any student to help them with their personal issues. There will be times when the Principal will ask either a Chaplain or the Counsellor to talk to a student to help with a particular issue.

The College is also happy to provide parenting resources to parents. These are available through Reception.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. Here at TCC we have dedicated and caring staff who are part of that village and we look forward to supporting you and your children.